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Police Station Representation

Our team specialises in providing advice and representation to clients nationally 24 hours a day. We hold a contract with the legal aid agency and can provide advice and representation at the police station for Free. 


If you are arrested in England or Wales at any time or day, you can simply ask to be represented by our firm and we will be contacted by the police station. It is important to know that you do not need to memorise our details or number and only have to provide the police the name of our firm and the police will contact us to represent you. 

There is a common misconception that if you ask for a solicitor there will be a delay and you will be released quicker if you opt to go without a solicitor. This is not the case and having a solicitor will usually make the process faster as our team will ensure that officers are dealing with your enquiries with due diligence and expedition and that you are interviewed as soon as practicable. 

Not Arrested

If you are aware that the police are wanting to speak to you, we can contact the relevant department and arrange for the interview to be conducted on a voluntary basis where possible. 

If this is not possible, then we will arrange a convenient time for you to surrender yourself to the police to be interviewed for the offence. We can obtain pre interview disclosure before the interview and have a private consultation with you prior to the interview taking place. 

Illegal Arrest

If you have been illegally arrested, or your property has been seized illegally we can take legal action against the investigators. If our action is successful you will be entitled to compensation and the return of the seized items. 


Released on Bail

If you have been arrested and released on bail pending police enquiries, it is not too late to have legal representation. We can take on your case and lease with the police and start investigating your defence by gathering evidence to contradict the prosecution allegations. As we regularly defend criminal cases we are aware of the evidential tests applied by the prosecution and can make representations that charges should not be brought against you due to our investigations. 

If you have been released on bail conditions, we are able to make representations to the police to remove the condition if it is not necessary or proportionate. We find that bail conditions imposed by the police are quite often excessive and are able to have the conditions relaxed or removed. 

Released without Bail, under investigations


We understand that this can be a stressful outcome, as you do not know if any charges will be brought against you. We take a proactive approach and continue to investigate your defence to ensure that no evidence is lost and you are able to exonerate yourself from the allegation.  

NON Police -PACE interviews


We regularly advice clients subject to investigations by other bodies including the RSPCA, HMRC, Benefits Agencies, Local Council.

We also represent clients who are being investigated by regulatory bodies. 

To see how we can help you call us today on 0800 999 247 2 or email

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