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Abdul Jabbaar Ahmed

Solicitor Apprentice

Abdul Jabbaar started his legal career at the age of 16, completing a level 2 business administration apprenticeship at a leading high street practice during the year 2016. He has gained extensive experience working closely with solicitors in the Criminal Defence and Immigration field. 

During 2017, he joined the BKP Solicitors team at its inception. In 2017 he completed his level 3 business administration apprenticeship furthering his career in administration.

He aided the firm in various ways from creating templates to make the work of the solicitors easier and being the first point of contact for clients.

Abdul Jabbaar regularly conducts property inspection/measurements for immigration casework. He is also responsible for the billing of Police station and Magistrates files. Upon completing his level 3 Business Administration Diploma he got promoted to the senior administrator at BKP Solicitors.

In 2019, he enrolled onto a Solicitor Apprenticeship and is currently undertaking this at the firm. Abdul Jabbaar continues to work closely with solicitors offering  a wide range of support. Having worked  closely with solicitors for the past 5 years in crime and immigration he is now using the experience he has gained to deal with crime case work.


Abdul Jabbaar is currently working towards obtaining his police station accreditation and is also the qualified first aider at the office.

His future aspirations include becoming a fully qualified solicitor advocate and representing clients at the crown court.


Once qualified Abdul Jabbaar would have already gained a wealth of experience having worked many years in the legal field.  

Adbul Jabbaar is supervised by Balaal Hussain Khan.

Click on the pdf below to download Abdul Jabbaar's CV:

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