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Corporate Training


We understand that the real world can be different to the academic world, therefore we set us a training academy tailored towards professionals. 


We can deliver individually tailored workshops to your team or one to one training programmes within the United Kingdom or Abroad. 

Our programmes can be made bespoke to your needs and requirements. We provide specialist training in most areas, in however take pride in our advocacy training. Advocacy skills are required in every profession. Whether you are a sales person, manager, entrepreneur you need the necessary skills to be able to present a winning argument. As our team regularly present cases in Courts throughout England and Wales we are able to provide practice advice and training. 

We can also provide training in the following areas:

· Money Laundering Regulations

· Legal Updates

· Police Station Advice & Representation

· Case Preparation Techniques

- Interview Techniques 

· Quality Standard Inspections


We have a specialist panel of Solicitors, Barristers and Leading Queens Counsel in all areas and can provide training to suit your needs and very competitive rates.

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