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Road Traffic Offences

At BKP Solicitors we understand that Road Traffic Law is very complex with far reaching consequences therefore have a dedicated team who specialise in this area, we are pro-active in fighting every clients cases often challenging technical evidence and presenting the best arguments avoiding fines, points or a disqualification.

We regularly represent professional drivers in relation to allegations made by the police in relation to driving allegations and also vehicle imperfections.  

Pre Court

If you are alleged to have committed a road traffic offence, the police have 6 months from the date of the offence to lay a charge against you. 


You will then be given an opportunity to attend a driver course if applicable or to accept a fixed penalty notice. If you do not accept either option or request a court hearing, you will receive a Single Justice Procedure letter from the court. 


It is important that you respond to the Single Justice Procedure letter. This letter will be sent out to you notifying you that you are to be changed with an offence. You will have 21 days to respond to this letter. If you fail to respond to this letter with a plea, you will be convicted of the offence in your absence and either sentenced or if you are likely to be disqualified then your sentence will be adjourned for you to make representations against a disqualification. 

It is important to ask for legal advice at the outset of your case, even at the roadside. You have a right to have legal advice and the police will postpone any questioning if you request advice from a solicitor. We can obtain the facts of the case and advice you if you have any defences available at law. 

Post Conviction 

In most driving cases points are awarded against the Licence. The accruement of 6 penalty points within the first two years of holding a driving licence can lead to the DVLA revoking that licence. If we are instructed at the outset we are able to make representations for alternative disposals such as driver courses being provided by the police. 

Even if you have held your licence over two years, the accruement of 12 penalty points over a period of three years can lead to a disqualification of a minimum of 6 months. If you require a driving licence for your work or personal reasons, we can make representations on your behalf  to avoid a disqualification by arguing exceptional hardship apply in your case.

We can provide advice, assistance and representation in the Youth, Magistrates, Crown and Court of Appeal.

We have an approved panel of experts who can provide reports, in relation to all matters. At BKP Solicitors we will ensure that no stone will be left unturned in your representation.

Our Road Traffic Law Department covers all driving matters including the following areas:

  • Careless Driving

  • Dangerous Driving

  • Death by Careless Driving

  • Death by Dangerous Driving

  • Death Whilst Uninsured

  • Drink Driving

  • Drunk in Charge

  • Drug Driving

  • Driving whilst Disqualified

  • Failing to Identify a Driver

  • Using a Mobile Phone whilst Driving

  • Driver's Hours

  • Tachographs

  • Failing to Stop

  • Failing to Report

  • Driving without Insurance

  • Speeding

  • Exceptional Hardship

  • Special Reasons

  • Taxi Driver Licence appeals

  • Totting Up

  • Traffic Signs

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