Actions against the Police


The police are governed by strict rules and procedures and if their actions fall foul of these rules, you may have a claim for compensation. Our Balaal Khan has successfully obtained apologies and also compensation for our clients from a number of different police forces, after taking actions against the police.

If you feel that you were unlawfully detained or questioned, or the police acted negligently in their dealings toward you, then you need to contact our specialist department today to ascertain whether you may have a claim against the police.

If  you are constantly being harassed by the Police you may also have an action against the police. We may be able to recover damages/compensation on your behalf and may be even an apology.

We can challenge the lawfulness of the obtaining and execution of various search warrants. If your residential or commercial premises have been searched by the police or any other law enforcement agency, we can have a look at the search warrant to see if it is lawful. If either the application or execution of the warrant does not comply with the statutory requirements, then the search and property seizure may be unlawful. If the challenge is successful all seized items will be released, which will result in a claim for damages for trespass and compensation for any disruption caused, plus any costs.



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