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Solicitors - What Do They Do?

Updated: Feb 10, 2019

Solicitors are basically lawyers who traditionally deal with any legal matter including conducting proceedings in the courts. Solicitors specialise in all different areas of law, some can specialise in more than one area also. Different areas of law in which solicitors can specialise in are things such as:

• Conveyancing

• Housing

• Debt and Insolvency

• Immigration

• Criminal Litigation

• Civil Litigation

• Banking

• Probate

• And much more.

There are far too many areas of law for solicitors to be able to practice all of them competently and it is for this reason that they instead choose just a select few areas of law, in which to specialise. This also allows solicitors to keep up to date with all changes in their chosen areas of law, along with recent case law and up and coming developments.

If you are looking to instruct solicitors, then before doing so you would first need to establish the area of law with which you require assistance only then can you begin your search for the right solicitor for you.

There are many different ways to find solicitors. You can drop into local offices, research on the internet or even check the yellow pages. When searching online if you enter just keywords you often get a better result. Dropping into local offices can sometimes be a lot harder as most solicitors aren't available to stop working to speak to you face-to-face but some do offer drop in services or are happy to speak to you while you are there.

The cheapest quote doesn't always mean a terrible solicitor nor does an expensive quote mean an amazing solicitor, the cheapest quote can often show that they are determined to work hard for you as they are competitive within their market. You should base your decision on what's best for you and if the quote is important as you have a limit on what you can afford then this should be a deciding factor along with is the solicitor any good.

Solicitors will sometimes hear your enquiry before going any further so as to judge whether they can deal with your case and how much the fee is for them doing so. So always ensure you have to hand the important aspects of your case so that they can get the best view of your matter. Importantly ensure they take down your details correctly as once you finish enquiring they will need to be able to contact you again.

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