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When Do You Need To Use A Solicitor

Updated: Feb 10, 2019

We are posing the question "when do you need to use a solicitor?" There will definitely be points in your life where a solicitor will be a must for you to use. They can save you a lot of time and get you the result you require in many instances, but sometimes there are other alternatives to using one.

Solicitors can provide a wide range of legal services in a variety of areas, so let us take a look at a few of these areas. Many of them specialise in personal injury claims. These can take the form of accidents at work, road traffic injuries, public liability claims, criminal injury claims etc.

Now if you have had a road traffic accident and been injured, it may be that you have legal cover with your car insurance, in which case you can use these services to claim for any compensation that may be due to you as a result of your injuries. However you may want to use a solicitor of your choosing, as sometimes they can either give you better terms or do the job more efficiently. This is entirely down to your choice.

Solicitors can help with the making of a Will and your estate planning too, as well as with probate if any of your loved ones have died. This is something that is possible to do for yourself of course, but it can be a little daunting with all the technical and legal jargon involved, and obviously it is important that you get it done correctly. Besides solicitors, there are specialist will writers that you can approach that will do this for you too, although I would advise you to shop around and check out their costs and credentials.

Family and divorce is another area that you can employ their services. If you can get divorced without recourse to a solicitor and keep everything civil then you will save yourself a lot of money, however this is often easier said than done!!

You can use them for conveyancing when you are moving home. It is very difficult to move house and get all the relevant paperwork done without using their expert legal services, and it is important to get someone with experience of all the legal aspects as a mistake could cost you dearly.

They also work in the field of criminal law, and I know it is possible to represent yourself in a court but it is very unwise to do so in most instances without knowing exactly what you are doing. Solicitors have studied criminal law and it is probably unlikely that you have, so use their services if you need to.

Businesses often need their advice and legal services, as there maybe something regarding employment law they need help on, or setting up a limited company, or just advice on setting up a business.

There are many other areas that solicitors work in for both individuals and businesses, but always bear in mind that there may be alternatives and some solicitors specialise in certain legal fields.

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