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What Does a Criminal Defense Solicitor Do?

Updated: Mar 28, 2019

If you thought that a Criminal Defense Solicitor only dealt with crimes against the person or property, then you might be surprised to learn that there are many sorts of cases that could involve a Criminal Defense Solicitor.

Here are 5:

1. Money Laundering

Money laundering can be defined very simply as hiding the origin or destination of money or other assets. The money or assets could be the proceeds of a crime such as a burglary, or could be due to tax evasion or false accounting. Rather than arouse suspicion by either spending large amounts of money on extravagant items that would normally be unobtainable, or depositing large amounts of money into a bank account, money laundering allows those involved to "hide" where the money has come from or where it's going to.

2. Internet and Computer Fraud

Internet and Computer Fraud is a growing threat to all users of the Internet. Common fraud includes trying to obtain users' personal information by sending out "phishing" emails, pretending to be from banks or other genuine sources, hacking into companies' databases to steal financial information, or to crash websites, known as a Denial Of Service attack.

As so much of our business and personal life is carried out online, internet and computer fraud can be very profitable.

3. Identity Fraud

Identity Fraud is increasing, and it is getting easier as people are not as security conscious about their personal details as they need to be. Passports, credit cards, driving licences can be copied and faked quickly and easily by those who know how.

A victim of identity fraud can find themselves landed with large loans taken out in their name and often in arrears, traffic violations, and can end up themselves are facing criminal charges due to non payment of loans or fines.

4. Drug Importation and Supply

Those involved in importing and supplying drugs are often working for larger organisations, and often in many countries. As drug smuggling becomes more lucrative, the more people will take the risks involved. Sometimes the person caught importing drugs may be just the tip of the iceberg.

5. People Smuggling

Some people are involved in people smuggling, whether to provide an escape from a life of poverty and misery, or alternatively, to provide cheap labour in countries where labour is relatively expensive.

Now you know what sort of cases a Criminal Defense Solicitor gets involved with. It can be reassuring to know that if you need one, a Criminal Defense Solicitor will be able to handle your case.

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