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The Major Duties of Solicitors

Updated: Feb 10, 2019

A solicitor is a legal practitioner who handles both legal issues and court proceedings. They are trained to offer professional and legal advice to their clients. They have knowledge in a vast area of life and are always willing to offer you all the assistance they can. These days, solicitors though knowledgeable in wide areas of life are required to specialize in one or two areas. This doesn't mean they won't know about other areas but their ability to focus on only one or two areas makes them the best as regards that area. The major jobs that solicitors do are explained below:

They Render Advice on General and Legal Issues

This is one area they cannot escape because the easiest assistance they can give anybody is an advice. They are in the best position to offer you advice whether it is a general issue such as family issues or a legal issue such as purchasing a property, defending a case, etc.

They can stand as Your Advocate in Court

No matter the court where you are summoned to, whether High or Supreme, you solicitor has all the right to stand as you advocate.

They offer Private Support

If you have a very valuable property which you want to sell, you'll need to use the assistance of a solicitor especially if you are dealing with huge sums of money. Apart from selling of your properties, other private support could be in the area of family issues such as divorce, tenancy agreement between you and your landlord, criminal proceedings, etc. If the case appears in court, your solicitor would surely be available to help you out of it.

Assistance in Commercial Areas

Most commercial issues require the presence of a solicitor such as business disputes, business transactions, establishment of a company, business transactions etc. Your solicitor has to be present in order to help you out with quality bargain when performing these transactions.

They Fight for your Rights

If your fundamental rights have been breached by your employer or fellow employee in the public or private sector, a solicitor can help you present a case against any of these people in Court. He has all the experience to ensure you win the case if you were truly on the right side of the whole situation.

They Defend the Rights of the Needy

Solicitors are obliged to work free of charge when the needy people comes into the picture meaning that those that cannot afford the services of a solicitor can still have their fundamental human rights defended.

In conclusion, for your solicitor to be able to confidently defend you in the time of trouble, he must have all the required knowledge of applied law in that field and this is the main reason why they must specialize in one or two areas so that no matter what the situation is as regards their area of specialization, they will stand tall while defending your case.

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