Mohammed Omar Saleem

LLB (Hons) - Consultant Solicitor

Mohammed Omar Saleem completed his LL.B (Hons) at the University of Huddersfield followed by his Master in Legal Practice.


Omar has been working within the legal profession since 2014. Omar started off as a Paralegal and progressed his way up until he was given a Training Contract. Omar has also worked as a Legal Consultant and built up a reputation and a client base. 


Since 2014, Omar has deal with various cases including complex and serious offences for which client’s have been charged with. Omar has built up a reputation for himself due to his hard work and commitment in preparing cases and successfully defending client’s and getting them the best possible result. Omar’s clients consider him to be an individual who would be prepared to go to any length in preparing their case.


During Omar’s time within the legal profession, he has worked with many law firms and assisted Counsel and Queen Counsel in preparing the most complex cases such as murder, manslaughter, grooming, rape, grievous bodily harm, conspiracies and complex fraud cases. Omar is known to always take a route in which he leaves no stone unturned in preparing cases. This ability of Omar’s has earned him not only a reputable place within the criminal legal field, but also a Training Contact with BKP Solicitors.

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